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Доставка электромобилей.

Delivery of electric cars.

Ekomobil company provides the service of delivery of electric modes of transport to any country within the CIS community. Customers should not worry about the options for transporting the acquired electric car. Our company will take care of everything.

Buyers do not need to worry about the delivery of the vehicle that was paid. We take full responsibility for the reliability and accuracy of transportation of your electric car. Our models are equipped with only high-quality original parts. No fakes. We strictly follow the established standards and requirements for the transport of vehicles. Our customers are satisfied with the delivered goods.

We take the issue of delivery of electric vehicles very seriously, so we select for this purpose only those carriers that have been tested for years of successful work with us and are responsible for the quality of transportation of electric vehicles.

If you want to discuss any exclusive delivery terms, our company is always ready to meet you. Contact our manager and we will find the delivery option that suits you completely. Ekomobil is always open to suggestions and discussions.

Those customers who have already used our delivery service were completely satisfied with the high level of service provided and the quality of the supplied electric vehicles. You can see the companies with which we cooperate in the section "Our Customers".